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APTA's Member Magazine Takes Home Multiple Awards
PT in Motion magazine continues APTA's award streak.
CDC: 1 in 3 Rural Residents Has Arthritis; Over 50% of Those Experience Activity Limitations
May 25, 2017: CDC: 1 in 3 Rural Residents Has Arthritis; Over 50% of Those Experience Activity Limitations
Trump Budget Cuts to Medicaid, Research, Food Programs Cause Concern, But Will They Survive?
The Trump budget contains some concerning proposals, says APTA.
APTA to Senate: House Version of AHCA Would Reduce Access to Care
APTA makes its case against the current AHCA to members of the Senate.
Two New Bills in House Focus on Expanding Telehealth in Medicare, Opening up Possibilities for PTs
Telehealth could be playing a much more prominent role in Medicare.
From PTJ: Urinary Incontinence Often Accompanied by Low Back Pain
Have a patient with UI? Better ask about LBP too, researchers say.
Cardiac Bundling Program, CJR Expansion, Won't Happen Until January 2018
CMS says that startup of the new cardiac bundling program will be delayed until January, 2018.
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, May 2017
Good Stuff: PTs, PTAs, students, and the profession in the news.
'Locum Tenens' for PTs Set to Begin in June
Many PTs will soon be able to provide continuity of care while they're away from their patients.
New Canadian Guidelines Seek to Move Physicians Toward Nondrug Treatments for Pain
New Canadian pain treatment guidelines shift toward nondrug treatments.
APTA Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry Is Qualified by CMS to Submit Quality Data
The Registry clears a big hurdle from CMS.
BMJ: Guideline Strongly Recommends Against Arthroscopy for 'Nearly All' Patients With Knee OA or Meniscal Tears
A strong recommendation against arthroscopy.
From PT in Motion: An Ethical Energy Crisis
Alternative treatments exist. Alternative ethics don't.
CMS Letter About MIPS Doesn't Change PTs' Exempt Status
A CMS letter on MIPS has some PTs scratching their heads.
Rethinking Rehab's Role in Infectious Disease Response: 'Narrow the Gap' Interview With Mike Landry
Rethinking rehab's role in infectious disease responses.
House Passes Health Care Bill That Reduces Patient Access; APTA Takes its Message to the Senate
The AHCA is on its way to the Senate--and so is APTA's opposition to the current bill.
2016 APTA Annual Report Posted
2016 APTA annual report is now available. See what we've been up to!
New Bill Could Make Medicare More Telehealth-Friendly
May 4, 2017: Medicare could become much more open to telehealth if legislation introduced in the Senate recently makes its way into law.
Orthopedic Surgeons Promote Conservative Approaches to Pain Treatment in New Opioid Awareness Campaign
APTA applauds the AAOS anti-opioid campaign.
CMS Proposes 1% Increase for IRFs, SNFs; Seeks Comment on New SNF Case-Mix System
CMS: a 1% increase for SNFs and IRFs, and maybe goodbye RUG?
Study: Only 10% of Physician Visits for LBP Resulted in Physical Therapy Referrals 1997–2010 While Opioid Prescriptions Climbed
May 1, 2017: If there is consensus among physicians that physical therapy is a preferred first-line treatment for low back pain (LBP), you wouldn't be able to tell it from the referral rates cited in a recent study.
Prospective Payment System Proposed Rules Released for IRFs, SNFs
April 28, 2017: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued its proposed rule on the 2018 prospective payment system (PPS) for inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs), and its proposed PPS rule as well as a proposal of advanced rulemaking for public comment for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs).
With Health Care Reform Plan Still Unclear, APTA Signs Onto Coalition Letter to Preserve Rehab Services
April 27, 2017 While Congress and the White House discuss what, if anything, will be offered as a replacement for or adjustment to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), APTA and other organizations are staking out their positions on policies that should remain no matter what. At the top of that list: ensuring access to care through the continuation of rehabilitation services and devices as an "essential health benefit" (EHB) that must be provided to patients.
Don't Stop Believin': Multistate Licensure Compact Set to Begin in 2018
PTs and PTAs are significantly closer to being able to practice in multiple states without multiple licenses.
WHO Makes the Case for Rehabilitation as a Worldwide Health Priority
"In many parts of the world ... the capacity to provide rehabilitation is limited or nonexistent and fails to adequately address the needs of the population."  - WHO

Foundation Announces 2017 Scholarship, Grant Opportunities
Research grants and scholarships now available from the Foundation.
CMS Clears Up Error in Description of Which CPT Code Combinations Won't Receive Full Payment
CMS corrects an error in its efforts to correct errors in CPT coding.
Move Forward Radio: Physician for Redskins, Nationals Says Teamwork On and Off the Field Is Key
April 20, 2017 Move Forward Radio: Physician for Redskins, Nationals Says Teamwork On and Off the Field Is Key
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, April 2017
Members in the news: this month's "Good Stuff."
New Members-Only Financial Resources Aimed at Student Debt
New resources at APTA could help ease the student loan debt burden.
Inpatient Payment Proposed Rule Calls for $3 Billion Increase to Acute Care Hospitals, Reductions for Long-Term Care Hospitals
Proposed inpatient payment rule: ACHs get a boost in 2018; LTCHs see a reduction.
JAMA: Spinal Manipulation Can Improve Acute LBP
Spinal manipulation for acute LBP works about as well as NSAIDs, researchers say.
#ChoosePT Video Wins National Award
APTA's #ChoosePT opioid awareness campaign has been a well-received effort to promote physical therapy as a safe alternative to prescription opioids for pain management. And now it's a national award winner.
Researchers Report Another Success in Using Electrical Stimulation to Restore Voluntary Movement in a Patient With Paralysis
Three years after a paralyzing injury a patient moves voluntarily, thanks to electrical stimulation.
Free Webinar for PTAs Focuses on the Value of APTA Membership
Member and nonmember PTAs: check out this free webinar from APTA on April 19.
PTs Volunteering in Haiti Receive Awards for Service
Two PTs are honored for their volunteer work in Haiti.
Bill Introduced in House Would End Physician Self-Referral Loophole for Physical Therapy
Medicare self referral loopholes—the exception that allows physicians to refer patients for physical therapy and other services to a business that has a financial relationship with the referring provider—is once again in the legislative spotlight on Capitol Hill.
2017 APTA Honors and Award Recipients Announced

APTA has announced this year's Honors and Awards recipients.

Bill Protecting PTs Traveling With Sports Teams Back in Senate, Already Approved in House


Could the Senate make life a little simpler for PTs who travel with sports teams?

From PT in Motion: PTs and Patient Support Groups


Treating several patients with the same diagnosis or similar mobility challenges? Maybe some introductions are in order.


APTA Encouraged by Creation of Commission on Opioid Crisis
APTA has issued a statement on a recent Trump administration decision.
CMS Puts the Brakes on Unpopular 'Pre-Claim' Demonstration, Delays Conditions of Participation Update for Home Health
CMS has pressed "pause" on some home health rules.
Questions on CPT Codes? APTA Has Answers
Got questions about the CPT codes? APTA has answers.
Federal Advocacy Forum Participants Take the PT Message to Capitol Hill
March 30, 2017 Federal Advocacy Forum Participants Take the PT Message to Capitol Hill
Roundup: Statehouses Buzzing With Physical Therapy Legislation
March 29, 2017 The time of year when state legislatures are drafting and debating new laws, many of which have a direct impact on physical therapists (PTs), physical therapist assistants (PTAs), and their patients and clients.
2-Year Study: Informal Exercise Could Play a Role in Slowing QoL, Mobility Losses Associated with PD
An insight on exercise and PD emerges from a 2-year study.

CDC: TBI Due to Falls Climbing at a Disproportionate Rate Among Older Adults
CDC: TBI Due to Falls Climbing at a Disproportionate Rate Among Older Adults
APTA to Form Centennial Steering Committee
APTA's 100th birthday isn't that far away.
APTA: Proposed AHCA Provisions 'Create Unneeded Barriers to Care'
APTA says some AHCA provisions create "unneeded barriers to care."
Study: 10-Year Pattern of HS Soccer Injuries Shows Need for New Look at Injury Prevention Programs

A new study on high school soccer injuries looks at 10 years of data.
Health Services Corps Legislation Could Lead to Loan Repayment Options for PTs
Congress will be considering including PTs in the National Health Services Corps loan repayment program.
Startup of Cardiac Bundling Program, CJR Expansion, Delayed Until at Least October 1
HHS says the new cardiac bundle program is on hold.
NIH Provides More Insight on Major Reboot of Rehab Research Plan
NIH's rehab research plan is a big deal. Find out more on how it came to be, and what's next.
Foundation Announces 2017 Award Recipients
2017 Foundation awards announced.
Researchers Identify Factors That May Keep Some Patients From Making Optimal Gains in Cardiac Rehab
Are there factors that can predict who will make smaller gains in cardiac rehab?
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, March 2017
Get some of the Good Stuff. March 2017 edition.
Move Forward Radio: Life With Cerebral Palsy and Chronic Pain
Move Forward Radio explores CP and chronic pain.
APTA to CMS: Proposed Orthotics and Prosthetics Rule Hurts Patients, PTs
APTA to CMS: Your proposed O and P rule will hurt patients.
12-Year Study Tracks Impact of Television Viewing Patterns on Strength
March 9, 2017 12-Year Study Tracks Impact of Television Viewing Patterns on Strength
APTA Joins OT and SLP Groups to Provide Input on Future Health Care Legislation
APTA weighs in for patient access.
Number of Americans Reporting Arthritis-Related Activity Limitations on the Rise
The number of people whose activities are limited by arthritis is growing.
PTJ Perspective: PT Education on Medical Marijuana Highly Recommended
Medical marijuana is legal in half the US. How does that affect PTs?
Study: Manual Therapy Works as Well, And Sometimes Better, Than Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Manual therapy as effective as surgery for CTS--and sometimes, it's even better.
From PT in Motion: Ethics Under Pressure
March 3, 2017 This month's "Ethics in Practice" column in PT in Motion magazine uses a fairly uncommon setting to get at a fairly common issue: namely, the ways in which external pressures can cloud the ability of a physical therapist (PT) or physical therapist assistant (PTA) to stay true to professional ethics.
PT Role in Wound Management Team Reinforced in New White Paper
March 2, 2017: Wound management needs to be addressed by a multidisciplinary team, with physical therapists (PTs) playing a key role throughout: that's the theme of a new white paper that describes the current state of PTs in wound management. It serves as a resource for PTs, providers, payers, and policymakers thinking about the future of treatment.
The Latest at PTJ: New Technology, New Access, and a Packed Issue
The latest from PTJ.
Interactive Map From CMS Lays Out PT and OT Market Saturation
CMS just produced a "market saturation" map that includes PTs.
Speak Out on Proposed Orthotics and Prosthetics Rule: Here's How
More burdens on PTs who provide custom orthoses and prostheses? Time to speak out.
CMS Sends Out Comparative Billing Reports to PTs in Private Practice
CMS recently issued national provider Comparative Billing Reports on physical therapy.
Study: Knee OA Treatment That Doesn't Follow Guidelines Comes at a Price
Stick to the guidelines for treatment of knee OA--and save money by doing it, say researchers.

From The Atlantic: Unsupported Treatments Such as Meniscus Surgeries 'Distressingly Ordinary'
Treatments not backed by evidence are "distressingly ordinary."
Cardiac Bundling Program Launch Still on Track After Executive Order
The Trump administration's regulatory freeze won't change the launch date of the new cardiac bundling program, according to HHS.
From PT in Motion: The Role of PTs and PTAs in Healthy Aging

 "A lot of myths need to be debunked about what normal aging reallyis, and we as physical therapists—the 'movement experts'—should be out there leading the way."

Federal Advocacy Forum Coming Just in Time; Registration Open Through February 24
The timing couldn't be better for the 2017 Federal Advocacy Forum. Register now!
Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry Open for Business, Ready to Make History
February 16, 2017: After several years of careful development, APTA has launched what it predicts will be a new chapter in the history of the physical therapy profession the Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry (Registry).
Analysis of Hospital System's LE Joint Replacement Bundling Programs Reveals Significant Drop in Expenditures
Does bundling really lower expenditures? One hospital system says yes.
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, February 2017
Get the "Good Stuff" on PTs and the profession in the media.
Revised Physician Guidelines Shift to Non-Drug Approaches as First-Line Treatment for LBP
A new guideline on LBP treatment goes all-in on nondrug approaches.
Lymphedema Treatment Legislation Returns to Congress
The possibility of Medicare paying for lymphedema treatment supplies is back on the table at the US House of Representatives.
Study: Personal Approach Is Important to Patients With Chronic Pain, but Partial Telerehab Could Offer Acceptable Alternatives
How do patients with chronic pain feel about telerehab?
2017 NEXT Registration Opens
February 9, 2017: Groundhog-based prognostication aside, spring is in fact right around the corner and June isn't far behind, which means APTA's NEXT Conference and Exposition is getting ready to arrive on the scene in Boston, Massachusetts.
Ready to Step Up to APTA Committee Service? Now’s Your Chance
Ready to take a lead in shaping the future of APTA?
Judge Lays Out What CMS Must Do to Correct Jimmo Education Failings
A federal judge has ordered CMS to implement an education program to better explain the post-Jimmo landscape.
Stay on Top of Medicare Changes With Latest APTA Fact Sheets
APTA fact sheets help you understand the latest batch of changes from CMS.
NIH: Treatment Using Patients' Own Stem Cells Shows Promise for Knocking MS Into Remission
February 3, 2017: Through a process that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) likens to a "resetting" of the immune system, some individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) are experiencing long-term remission of the disease symptoms with no additional brain lesions.
Welcome Back: Therapy Cap Repeal Is Reintroduced in Congress
Could 2017 be the year the therapy cap finally goes away?
Study: Cybercycling PE Program Associated With Significant Improvements in Classroom Behavior Among Children With Behavioral Health Disorders
Cybercycling reduces odds of classroom behavioral problems among students with behavioral disorders.
From PT in Motion: Could Better Financial Literacy Help Future PTs Handle Student Debt?
January 30, 2017: The February issue of PT in Motion magazine takes a look at the financial realities faced all too often by graduates of DPT programs.
APTA Pursues Updated Public Policy Priorities With New Administration, New Congress
January 27, 2017: APTA Pursues Updated Public Policy Priorities With New Administration, New Congress
Want to Decrease Unnecessary Spinal Surgeries? Get a Multidisciplinary Team to Do Evaluations, Researchers Say
January 26, 2017: Multidisciplinary evaluation and direct communication among providers may offer patients with spine problems "more diverse nonoperative treatment options" and result in fewer unnecessary surgeries, leading to lower costs, experts say.
Coding Resources Continue to Grow With New Webinar, Medicare Payment Tools
Coding Resources Continue to Grow With New Webinar, Medicare Payment Tools
APTA, Canadian Physiotherapy Association Team Up in Opioid Battle
The opioid epidemic knows no border
Webinar, Q-and-A Session Help PTs and PTAs Make the Case for Physical Therapist-Led Workplace Programs
Tips on how to approach employers about PT-led workplace health programs.
Patients with TKA Who Receive Outpatient Physical Therapy Soon After Surgery Recover More Quickly Than Patients Who Receive Home Physical Therapy First
Thsi study says that patients who go to outpatient physical therapy immediately after TKA get better faster than those who receive home physical therapy and move on to the outpatient setting.
From PTJ: Study of 1 Hospital Finds Nearly 16% of Scheduled Physical Therapy Sessions Don't Happen
A study of a hospital reveals a pattern of scheduled physical therapy sessions that never take place.
APTA’s Public Awareness Efforts Reach Millions in Record-Setting 2016
APTA had a record-breaking year of getting the word out to the public.
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, January 2017
It's the January, 2017 roundup of members and the profession highlighted in local news.
CMS Considers Upgraded Requirements for Orthotics and Prosthetics Providers
In a proposed rule, CMS says PTs could be "qualified" as providers to furnish custom orthotics and prosthetics - but what does that mean?
Move Forward Radio: Country Music's Clay Walker Discusses Living With MS
Country music star Clay Walker tells Move Forward radio about his life with MS.
Home Health Agencies Face New CMS Rules for Participation Starting July 13
The new HHA participation rule focuses on communication, patients' rights, and more.
Innovation 2.0 Learning Lab to Focus on PTs as Key Players in PCMH to Address Childhood Obesity
PTs as key players in a patient-centered medical home.
Bring Your CPT Code Questions to APTA's Upcoming Webinar
Have questions about the 3 tiered CPT evaluation codes that began on January 1? Here's your chance to get some answers. 

Reintroduced Bill Protecting PTs Traveling With Sports Teams Passes in House - Again
The House gets the ball rolling on a bill that helps PTs who travel with sports teams.
Pilot Study Indicates Yoga Improves Quality-of-Life for Pediatric Cancer Patients and Their Parents
Can yoga make a difference in quality-of-life for pediatric cancer patients and their parents?
New CPT Codes Result in Payment Increases From Medicare
The new CPT code set for physical therapy evaluation and reevaluation is generating higher payments.
Helping Your Profession in 15 Minutes or Less
Just what do you think you're doing?
Early Physical Activity After Concussion May Reduce Risk of Persistent Symptoms, Researchers Say
Could return to physical activity within 1 week of concussion actually decrease the likelihood of persistent symptoms in the pediatric population?
Sports and Recreation-Related Injuries Top 8.6 Million Annually
More Americans are participating in sports, which means more Americans are getting injured.
Study: Virtual Reality Systems Could Enhance Intermanual Transfer

January 3, 2017 It's well-known that physical training in 1 hand can result in performance gains in the opposite, untrained hand—a phenomenon known as intermanual transfer—and that using a mirror to make it look as if the untrained hand is moving can speed up the process. But now researchers claim that allowing a subject to "see" the untrained hand move by way of virtual reality (VR) can further enhance the gains, and light up the neural networks that make it possible.

2016's Top Stories From PT in Motion News
What topped PT in Motion News in 2016?
A Very Good Year: 2016's Top Move Forward Radio Podcast
December 27, 2016: Say what you will about 2016, but it's been a good year for Move Forward Radio, APTA's consumer-oriented podcast series from
NYT: CMS Consideration of Outpatient TKA Sparks Debate
New York Times: Outpatient TKA debate is "as much about money as medicine."
Cracking the Code: 6 Resources to Help You Navigate the 2017 CPT Code Changes
6 worthwhile resources that can help you understand and prepare for the big change in CPT coding.
Expanded CMS Bundling Programs – With Payment Incentives – Ready to Launch in 2017
CMS listened to APTA's advice on 2017 bundling programs rule.
Gabby Reece Recounts Rehab After TKA in Move Forward Radio Interview
Volleyball legend Gabby Reece talks rehab--without drugs--after TKA.
APTA Offers Fellowship Opportunities
APTA has announced the creation of 2 new fellowships within the association.
From PTJ: High-Intensity Locomotor Exercise Improves Ability to Walk After Incomplete SCI
The conventional approach to rehabilitation for patients with incomplete SCI is being turned on its head.
Now Law, Locum Tenens Win Was Years in the Making
"Locum tenens has been among APTA's top public policy priorities for some time, so the passage of the Cures Act, with locum tenens for PTs included, is a big deal."
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, December 2016
Local media coverage of physical therapy and APTA members, December 2016 edition.
APTA, NIH Celebrate Rehab Research Plan

December 13, 2016: Has rehabilitation research arrived at a turning point? Very possibly, according to speakers who helped APTA celebrate the completion of the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) rehabilitation research plan, a comprehensive reset of approaches and priorities that supporters believe will help to power up investigations into restoring function.

Triathlete, Legally Blind, Returns to Running After Injury, Thanks to Physical Therapy (Did We Mention He's 73?)


When Charlie Plaskon says he's committed to removing the "dis" from "disability," believe him.

PT Locum Tenens, Rehab Research Among Victories in New Health Care Legislation
The 21st Century Cures Acct contains some good news specifically for PTs and supporters of rehabilitation research.
Researchers Find 'Unsettling' Uptick in Stroke Rates in Adults Under 55
Stroke rates among adults 55 and younger have been climbing.
From PT in Motion Magazine: Removing Roadblocks to Adherence
How can PTs  extend adherence after the conclusion of care and end the "revolving door" of treatment?
CoHSTAR Research Center Accepting Postdoctoral and Faculty Fellowship Applications
PTs interested in playing a transformative role in physical therapy health services research now have a big chance to do just that.
2017 Slate of Candidates Posted
The 2017 Slate of Candidates for APTA national office is now posted on the APTA website.
Free Learning Lab on Partnering With ACOs Recorded and Ready
New Learning Lab recording: Partnering with ACOs.
Study: Research Indicates PT-Delivered CB Interventions Work for LBP – But Can They be Translated to Practice?
Researchers are confident that when PTs add CB interventions to their treatment of patients with back pain, outcomes improve--but there are questions about implementation.
Researchers: A City's 'Stress Level' Could Affect Local Hospital Ratings
Could the amount of "stress" in a city affect a hospital's CMS star ratings?
Trump Taps Price for HHS, Verma for CMS
President-elect Donald Trump has announced that he will nominate Georgia Rep Tom Price for HHS secretary, and Seema Verma for CMS director.
Outpatient Payment, Home Health Fact Sheets Now Available From APTA
Now available to APTA members: context and details to help you understand final 2017 rules from CMS on the home health and outpatient prospective payment systems.
From Move Forward Radio: A Journey Out of Pain and Away From Painkillers, Thanks to Physical Therapy
Morgan Hay thought she would lose her battle against pain - until she connected with a PT.

USBJI Young Investigators Program Accepting Applications for 2017 Program
Physical therapist investigators have an opportunity to receive guidance in getting their research funded and "other survival skills required for pursuing an academic career" through a program that connects them with experienced researcher-mentors.
Tim Flynn, PT, PhD, Wants Physical Therapists to Take the Lead in Pain Education
Tim Flynn wants his fellow PTs to help consumers understand potential harms from the "medical-industrial complex."
'Proof of Concept' Study Points to Possible Link Between Aerobic Exercise and Improvement in Cognitive Function in Patients With Vascular-Based Impairment
Could aerobic activity actually improve cognitive function in older adults with vascular-based impairments?
Study: EHR Interoperability Necessary for Evaluating Quality Improvement
With so many different EHR vendors out there, increased standardization is essential.
Quick Guide and Call-In Q&A Are Latest New Resources to Prepare for Payment in 2017
A quick guide to the new evaluation codes and a recording of payment reform webinar are the latest additions to APTA's payment resources.
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, November, 2016
Good news about APTA members and the physical therapy profession.
ACOs Beginning to Take Creative Steps to Address Nonmedical Needs – But Can Those Steps Be Expanded?
Some ACOs are beginning to do something about patient needs around housing, transportation, and food insecurity.
From PTJ: Time for a 'Paradigm Shift' in Treatment of Patients With DPN


Their opinion is straightforward: “People with DPN should be encouraged to maintain and even increase weight-bearing activities, rather than avoid them.”

Survey Results Reveal Traction Popular Among PTs Treating Neck Pain
Cervical traction for neck pain: popular among PTs, but why?
Get the Facts on the 2017 Fee Schedule
Get the facts on the 2017 physician fee schedule.
Study: Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound Ineffective in Speeding Recovery From Tibial Fractures
Ultrasound devices for healing tibial fractures are ineffective, say researchers.
Draft Recommendation: Children With Obesity Require at Least 26 Hours of 'Intensive Behavioral Interventions'
A new recommendation says it takes at least 26 hours of intensive behavioral interventions to make a difference for children with obesity.
From PTJ: Selecting the Right SCI Outcome Measure Sometimes a Matter of Clinical Judgment
Outcome measure recommendations for SCI are a mixed bag.
Final Fee Schedule Maintains Tiered CPT Coding System, No Tiers in Payment – With a Few Twists
The final 2017 fee schedule keeps the proposed 3-tiered coding system, but some new developments add a few positive elements to the picture.
Final Home Health Rule Includes $130 Million Reduction, Changes to Outlier Payment Method
Final phase of cuts is a part of the 2017 rule on home health.
Final OPPS Rule Eliminates Pain Management Questions From Patient Surveys; Changes Payment Source for Some Hospital-Owned Off-Campus Facilities
The Medicare outpatient prospective payment rule is now final.
Prepare for MIPS: CMS Is Looking for PT Volunteers to Shape the Future of Payment
Carpe MIPS.
#ChoosePT Momentum Continues to Build With National Advertising
From the World Series to WebMD, #ChoosePT is getting exposure.
From PT in Motion: I Love Rock 'n' Roll (And My PT)

You know how rock guitar players can look like they're grimacing in pain while playing? Well, maybe they are.

New LTC Facility Rule Addresses Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy Orders, Compliance, More
Quick takes on the new LTC rule, plus a link to an APTA Fact Sheet.
Access to Accountable Care Organizations Is Focus of Third Innovation 2.0 Learning Lab
The next Innovation 2.0 Learning Lab will focus on the PT's role in ACOs.
APTA Begins Research Fellowship Search; 2 Positions Available
October 28, 2016: Looking for a postdoctoral or early investigator fellowship? APTA may have an opportunity for you.
Foundation Funding Opportunities Available for 2017
The Foundation for Physical Therapy  is now accepting applications for 2 major funding programs.
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, October 2016
"The Good Stuff" is an occasional series that highlights recent, mostly local media coverage of physical therapy and APTA members, with an emphasis on good news and stories of how individual PTs and PTAs are transforming health care and society
Researchers Say ‘Soft Robots’ Could Play a Role in Rehabilitation
The future of rehabilitation just might include "soft robots."
US News: Time for Chronic Pain Treatment Without Opioids – and Policies That Make it Possible
About nondrug approaches to chronic pain: "They worked. They made patients physically stronger and gave them the self-management skills that helped them lead more fulfilling and productive lives."
From Move Forward Radio: Transforming Society's Understanding of Pain
From Move Forward Radio: An interview with a Cleveland Clinic researcher who puts physical therapy at the front lines of pain treatment.
DEA Reduces 2017 Opioid Production Quotas – Mostly by Eliminating 'Buffer'
The DEA will reduce the amount of opioid drugs that will be manufactured in the US next year. Will it make a difference in the opioid epidemic?
Many IRF Patients Experience Interruptions in Care – About 10% Due to Preventable Conditions
As many as 1 in 3 patients in IRFs for neurological conditions experience some type of interruption in care.
CDC: 2 in 10 Health Care Workers Didn't Get Flu Vaccines; 3 in 10 in Long-Term Care Settings
October , 2016: About 20% of health care personnel didn't receive influenza vaccines during the 2015-2016 flu season, with employees in long-term care settings reporting an even higher—albeit improved—rate of non-vaccination, according to new data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
PTJ Poised to Move to 'Next Level' Through Publishing Partnership With Oxford University Press
PTJ's partnership with Oxford University Press could lead to some significant advances for the journal.
APTA Members: AMA Seeks Critical Input on Existing Physical Therapy CPT Code Values
October 4, 2016: APTA members are being alerted to be on the lookout for an important survey from the American Medical Association (AMA) that will help to shape values for certain existing physical therapy current procedural terminology (CPT) codes.
Dutch Study Finds Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Useful in Countering Pediatric Constipation
Pelvic floor physical therapy - a help for children with functional constipation?
More than 1 in 10 Working-Age Americans Has 1 or More Disabilities; Rates Reveal Disparities
The CDC takes a look at disability rates and their relationship to income, education, and race.

From PT in Motion magazine: 'Top 10 States in Which to Practice'
What are the top 10 states for PTs and PTAs to practice?
From PTJ: Pediatric Rehab Unit Takes First Steps Toward Falls Prevention
From PTJ: pediatric falls prevention.
Countdown to National Physical Therapy Month
Thoughts on National Physical Therapy Month from the APTA President.

Now Available: Your 2015 PQRS Data – and Possible Payment Reductions for 2017
Participating in the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)? You can now check on your 2015 reporting results, and find out if those results mean you're subject to any payment adjustments for 2017.
Changes to ICD-10 Take Effect Oct 1
CMS will be requiring more specific ICD-10 coding starting October 1.
Latest News Reports Touch on Cost, Politics of Opioid Epidemic
The cost of the opioid epidemic in dollars and lives. A roundup of recent news.
Fewer Than a Third of HS Students Receive Recommended Amount of Phys Ed
Two-thirds of US high schoolers aren't getting enough phys ed classes.
Summer's Over, but Payment Reform is Just Beginning: Tips on Getting Up to Speed
Payment reform: a few tips on getting up to speed.
Fraud Settlements Worth More Than $35 Million Underscore Relevance of New Compliance Resource
Understand compliance, and how to handle noncompliance.
ED Visit Rates for Youth Soccer-Related Injuries Climb by More Than 100% in 25 Years
Researchers examine the climbing ED visit rates for youth soccer-related injuries.
JAMA: Better Health Care Workplace Violence Prevention Plans Needed
Workplace violence in health care settings continues to rise. JAMA says it's time to act.
State Policy, Insurers Forums: The Future of Health Care – And Payment – Has Arrived. Are You Ready?

APTA forums hammered home the fact that in many ways, the future of health care has arrived.

Landmark NIH Plan Delivers 5-Year Roadmap for Rehabilitation Research
An NIH plan nearly 2 years in development will guide rehabilitation research for the next 5 years.
'Flash Action' Connects PT, PTA Students With PT-PAC

Onceagain, PT and PTA students showed how enthusiasm for the profession can make a real difference.

APTA Staff, Members, Supporters Take to the Streets to Support Physical Therapy and #ChoosePT

They came. They saw. They ran—and helped to spread the word about physical therapy and the #ChoosePT campaign


APTA President Sees Potential to Shape Payment Through Proposed Coding System, Misvalued CPT Codes Survey
The new CPT codes, the misvalued code survey, and the profession's chance to shape payment.

Final IPPS Rule Echoes Proposed Rule; APTA Offers Summary
Now available: APTA's summary of the final IPPS rule for 2017.
Support #ChoosePT During Pain Awareness Month

Here are 4 simple ways you can help to amplify the #ChoosePT message through your own social media channels:

SC Prohibition on Physician-Owned PT Services Struck Down, Partly on Procedural Issues
PTs in South Carolina have lost the battle to uphold a prohibition on PTs working in physician-owned practices.
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, September 2016
Check out the Good Stuff going on with PTs, PTAs, and the profession--September, 2016 edition.
PT, PTA Students Lead the Charge to Support PT-PAC Through #FAS2016
PT and PTA students across the country are showing their support for PT-PAC.
Bill Protecting PTs Traveling With Sports Teams Passes House
More protection for PTs who travel with sports team may be on the way.
Study: 'Safe Landing Strategies' to Reduce Falls Injury Show Promise
Could "safe landing strategies" help reduce falls-related injuries?
FDA Clears First Device Specifically Designed to Assess Function After Concussion
The FDA has made its first-ever clearance of a device designed to assess function after concussion.
Choose Policies That #ChoosePT: 6 Policy Fixes That Could Improve Access to PTs
September 9, 2016: The #ChoosePT campaign is helping to call attention to the role physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) can play in providing consumers with effective, nondrug approaches to pain management.
LEAP: Bringing Cochrane to the Clinic
September 8, 2016: You're probably familiar with Cochrane systematic reviews, those studies-of-studies that are intended to provide the most reliable take on conditions and treatments. Cochrane reviews provide invaluable information—but how do you put that information into practice?
APTA 'Deeply Disappointed' By CMS Decision on New Evaluation Codes in Proposed 2017 Fee Schedule
September 7, 2016: Concerned for its members, the physical therapy profession, and the patients and clients served, APTA expressed "deep disappointment" this week that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) failed to adopt different payment values to correspond with 3 levels of physical therapy evaluation that the agency did adopt as new CPT codes in its proposed Medicare physician fee schedule for 2017. The association submitted formal comments to CMS on September 6, continuing its efforts on behalf of members toward the most meaningful and beneficial payment reforms.
World Physical Therapy Day Focuses on 'Adding Life to Years'
September 7, 2016: September 8 is World Physical Therapy Day, and there’s still time in this digitally connected world to plan to help your colleagues around the globe raise awareness of the benefits of physical therapy.
Don't Slip on Appeal: Tips and Resources to Help You Navigate Payers and Insurance Commissioners
September 6, 2016: Everyone knows the old saying about death and taxes being the only certainties in life. Physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) can probably add 1 more to that list: appeals to insurance company payment decisions.
Coming to Your TV and Radio: APTA’s #ChoosePT Campaign
September 2, 2016: APTA's #ChoosePT campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of long-term opioid use and the safe alternative of physical therapy for pain management has already attracted media attention and generated buzz online and on social media.
$20 Million NIH Health Disparities Program Includes Project Focused on Increasing Physical Activity in Communities
September 2, 2016: The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is starting a new community-based research program to address health disparities related to chronic disease.
From PT in Motion: Physical Therapy Meets 'The Internet of Things'
September 1, 2016: It's possible to watch your dog napping at home from your office computer miles away. It's possible to adjust your refrigerator temperature from your mobile phone. How about receiving alerts when a patient's gait speed at home is too slow?
Study: Concussed Athletes More Likely to Experience Later Lower Extremity Injuries After Return to Play
August 31, 2016: Authors of a new study of college athletes say that concussion creates a "window of susceptibility" in players that more than triples the risk of a later lower extremity musculoskeletal injury over nonconcussed athletes.
Emphasizing Mobility in Elderly Hospital Patients: One Facility's Journey
August 30, 2016: A hospital in Alabama had what seemed to be a fairly straightforward idea: it wanted to get its elderly patients up and moving as soon and as often as possible. Accomplishing that goal, however, has required the restructuring of an entire unit, and a "culture change" in how staff prioritize mobility in patients.
Celebrate 20 Years of HIPAA by Giving Yourself the Gift of Compliance
How time flies. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act—HIPAA—turned 20 in August. In honor of this milestone, APTA PT in Motion News asked staff practice experts to share their top 6 tips to protect patient information.
Zika Virus Effects Go Beyond Microcephaly, Guillain-Barré, Say Researchers
Researchers are learning more about how the Zika virus affects both fetal and adult brains.
Surgeon General Letter Urges Action on Opioids, Recommends CDC Treatment Guideline That Includes Physical Therapy
The Surgeon General has a message for physicians across the US - rethink the use of opioids.
From PTJ: For the Very Elderly, Poststroke IRF Stays May Not Be Long Enough
IRFs can help very elderly patients poststroke, but are the patients staying long enough?
Stem Cell-Protein Combination Reverses Poststroke Brain Damage in Mice
Could brain damage poststroke be reversed with a combination of stem cells and a protein?
CMS Education Efforts on Jimmo Ruled Inadequate
A US District Court judge tells CMS it needs to do a better job of education around Jimmo.
TIME Article: US Must Rethink Pain Treatment, Become 'Insistent' on Physical Therapy
From TIME magazine: we need to be "insistent" on the use of physical therapy for pain management.
Video of Popular Roundtable Discussion on Physical Therapy and Pain Management Now Available
Video of a standout session from the 2016 NEXT Conference is now available--don't miss it.
Systematic Review: Commercial Video Games Likely a Good Option for Rehab
Wii, PlayStation, XBox as rehab aids - what the studies say.
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, August 2016
August, 2016 Good Stuff: PTs and the Olympics, PT wilderness rescue, helping in Nicaragua, and more.
Patient-Centered Outcomes Institute Recognizes Physical Therapy's Role – Again
A patient-centered outcomes institute continues to recognize the valuable role of physical therapy.
Researchers Say Brain-Controlled Exoskeleton Training Sparked Neurological Improvement in Individuals With Paraplegia
Could certain assistive technologies actually aid in neurological recovery?
APTA's Participation on Utilization Management Vendor Group Opens Channels for Increased Communication
APTA's at the table for discussions with a large UM vendor.
2016 ELI Fellows Graduate From APTA Education Leadership Institute
August 12, 2016: Fifteen seasoned physical therapy educators have deepened their knowledge and skills over the past year, thanks to the APTA Education Leadership Institute (ELI) Fellowship.
NYT: Racial Disparities in Pain Treatment
The New York Times: "Minorities tend to receive less treatment for pain than whites, and suffer more disability as well."
SNF, IRF Final Rules Increase Payment—And Reporting Requirements
Get APTA's summary of the final CMS rules on SNFs and IRFs.
Bike Riding Most Common Sports-Related Reason for ED Visits and Inpatient Admissions
A new study looks at which sports produce the most ED visits and inpatient admissions.
From Business Insider: Insurance Companies 'Increasingly' Cutting Payments for Nondrug Pain Treatments
Business Insider reports on insurance companies that won't pay for nondrug approaches to pain treatment.
Innovation 2.0 Series of Learning Labs Continues With Transitions in Care
The latest Innovation 2.0 webinar is now available for download. Focus: transitions in care.
United Healthcare Files Protest After Loss of 2017 Tricare Contract

United Healthcare intends to fight the DOD's decision to reject its Tricare bid.

Bilirakis, Lujan Honored for Support of Locum Tenens for PTs
APTA has honored 2 US representatives for their work on locum tenens legislation.
Survey Reveals High Rates of Disagreement Among Spine Surgeons on LBP Treatment
A survey of spine surgeons reveals wide disagreement among how to treat LBP.
NYT Article Looks at 'Useless' Surgeries
The New York Times on "useless" spine and knee surgeries, and the need for patient choice.
PT Will Join Influential VA Committee
An influential VA committee now includes a PT.
Opioid Dependence Claims Up by More Than 3,000% Since 2007
A report on private insurance claims finds a 3,000% increase in dependence claims, among other alarming statistics.
European Guidelines Strongly Recommend Physical Therapy With Exercise for Fibromyalgia
Physical therapy with graded exercise has received the strongest recommendation for treatment of fibromyalgia.
Research Roundup: Physical Inactivity Pandemic Takes Center Stage
Four new studies underscore the role physical activity plays in healthy, long lives.
Health Volunteers Overseas Turns 30: Time to Share Your Experiences
Health Volunteers Overseas is turning 30 this month. Here's how you can help celebrate.
From PT in Motion: The Questions You Should Ask Suppliers
Getting suppliers to supply answers before you buy.
CDC: 1 in 4 Americans Have Multiple Chronic Conditions, With Wide Variation Among States
Nationally, 1 in 4 Americans have multiple chronic conditions - but that doesn't tell the whole story.
EMG Lab Accreditation Process Recognizes Role of PTs
A new program allows PT-run EMG labs to achieve accreditation.

Defense Department Makes Big Change in Tricare Vendors
The DoD's Tricare insurance program will see some big changes.
CMS Expands Mandatory Bundling Program to Cardiac Care, Including Rehab
Care associated with bypass surgery and heart attacks is the subject of a new CMS mandatory bundling proposal.
Study: 10 Modifiable Risk Factors Associated With 90% of Strokes Worldwide
More than 90% of all strokes worldwide are related to 10 modifiable risk factors, says a new study.
Study: Early Physical Therapist Management for Neck Pain Makes Sense for Patients, PTs, and Payers

PT in Motion News

Researchers make the "value proposition" for early physical therapy for neck pain.

Anti-Identity Theft Changes to Medicare Cards Coming

PT in Motion News

CMS will explain how changes to Medicare card numbers may affect your practice.

HHS: 29% of Rehab Hospital Patients Experience Adverse Events, Temporary Harm During Stays

PT in Motion News

Close to 1 in 3 Medicare beneficiaries in independently-run rehabilitation hospitals experience adverse or temporary harm events during their stay—and nearly half of those events are preventable, according to a report.

$12.5 Million PCORI Grant Will Fund Research on Team Approach to Pain Management

PT in Motion News

A new grant will help fund research on integrative approaches to pain management.

Opioids in the News: Congress Passes Opioid Bill, Medical Marijuana for Pain, the Path From Pain to Addiction, More
July 20, 2016: The opioid abuse epidemic, and its relationship to the US health care system's approach to pain treatment, continues to make news. Here are some of the latest reports and features.
PTA Advanced Proficiency Program is the Focus of Upcoming Webinar
July 19, 2016: Physical therapist assistants (PTAs) and students interested in learning more about APTA's PTA Advanced Proficiency Pathways (APP) program are invited to join a free webinar coming up July 21.
Study: African Americans With OA 34% Less Likely to Have Office-Based Therapy
July 18, 2016: Authors of a new study on disparities have found that, after controlling for socioeconomic variables, African Americans with osteoarthritis (OA) are 34% less likely to have an office-based physical therapy or occupational therapy visit than other racial and ethnic groups studied.
Now Available to Members: Highlights of the Proposed 2017 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
July 18, 2016: APTA members can now access highlights of the 2017 proposed Medicare physician fee schedule rule.
Bill That Adds Protections for PTs Traveling With Sports Teams Moves in House
July 15, 2016: A bipartisan bill that helps to protect physical therapists (PTs) and other health care providers who travel across state lines with sports teams is on its way to the floor of the US House of Representatives.
ACA Anti-Discrimination Rule for Health Care Providers, Payers Takes Effect July 18
July 15, 2016: Beginning July 18, health care providers and payers that accept federal dollars will be subject to a provision of the Affordable Care Act barring discrimination in care and coverage on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and sex.
Senate Committee Hearing on Stark Law Touches on Self-Referral Loophole for Physical Therapy, Other Services
July 14, 2016: Some members of the Senate have not forgotten about problems with the so-called "Stark law" intended to counter abuses of physician self-referral.
Highlights of New Home Health Agency Claims Program Posted
July 14, 2016: Now available to members through the APTA website: highlights and resources to help members prepare for big changes to home health agency (HHA) Medicare claims coming to 5 states.
New APTA Series Gets at the Gaps
July 14, 2016: APTA's #PTTransforms blog is now host to a new series that explores the divide between evidence and practice behaviors in the clinic.
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, July 2016
July 13, 2016: "The Good Stuff" highlights recent, mostly local media coverage of physical therapy and APTA members.
Proposed CMS Rule Aims to Tackle Medicare Appeals Backlog
July 12, 2016: In response to pressure to do something about a growing backlog of Medicare appeals, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed a new rule that it hopes will make the system more functional.
Study: Could Occupation Affect Leisure-Time Physical Activity Rates?
July 12, 2016: A recently released Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) analysis took a look at adults across the US who reported meeting federal guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities, divided both by demographics and occupational settings.

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