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2018 House of Delegates Motions Now Posted
The posting includes proposed amendments to the APTA bylaws.

Joint Commission Wants Your Comments on Proposed Pain Assessment and Management Requirements
Your comments can help shape final standards and more clearly define the roles of PTs and PTAs.

2018 APTA Honors and Awards Program Recipients Announced
The list of winners includes 2 new award categories.

APTA's Member Renewal Efforts Earn National Award
The award-winning effort was part of the #APTA100K campaign.

The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in the Media, April 2018
PTs as bicycle seat designers, app developers, virtual reality researchers--and 1 proud new father.

Foundation Announces 2018 Scholarship, Grant Opportunities
The Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2018 Kendall scholarships and 8 research grants.

APTA Adds Its Voice to Coalition Calling for Medicare Advantage to Rein in Prior Authorization
April 16, 2018: With nearly a third of the total Medicare population enrolled in a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan and growth expected to continue, it's time for the public-private hybrid system to evolve and move away from excessive use of prior authorization—that's the message being delivered to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) from a coalition of health care and consumer organizations including APTA.
Study: Primary Care Physician PT Referral Rates Dropped 50% Between 2003 and 2014
April 13, 2018: Over the past 20 years, there have been vast gains in direct access to physical therapists (PTs), and most providers and clinical practice guidelines recommend physical therapy as a “first-line treatment” for many musculoskeletal conditions.

Final Rule on ACA Insurance Exchanges Opens the Door for Market Instability, Disruptions in Care
"Consumers will be left with a confusing, unsteady coverage system that could disrupt their care--practically the opposite scenario from the original intent of the ACA."

As APTA's Financial Solutions Center Marks 1 Year, Student Debt Looms Large in the News
APTA's Financial Solutions Center is designed to help PTs, PTAs, and students respond to the challenges of student debt and financial management.

PTs Honored for International Volunteer Efforts
Only a small number of volunteers among all types of health discipline receive the prestigious award.

PTJ: To Avoid Adverse Events, Rehab Facilities Need to Get to the Root of the Problem
Adverse events were most often caused by staff errors in policy and procedures and communications.
Bill to Weaken ADA Met With Strong Opposition From Senators, APTA, Other Organizations
"This attempt to erode the rights guaranteed in the ADA runs counter to the values of the physical therapy profession and its commitment to assisting all people with disabilities to set and achieve high goals."

Researchers Say Frequent TV-Watching Comes With VTE Risk That Can't Be Eliminated Through Physical Activity
"These results suggest that sedentary behavior is not just the opposite issue from physical activity."

2018 APTA State Legislative Leadership Award Nominations Open
Know a leader in state legislative efforts?

From PT in Motion: PTs Pack a Punch When It Comes to Treating Combat Athletes
MMA, jiu jitsu, thai boxing, karate--all can put extraordinary demands on an athlete's body. That's where physical therapy comes in to play.

Experts: It's Time to Act on the Evidence for Low Back Pain
"Care for patients with chronic conditions such as low back pain is inherently multidisciplinary."

Upcoming Issue of PTJ Focuses on Building the Evidence Base for Physical Therapy in Pain Management
"These papers showcase diversity in approaches, techniques, and philosophies needed to make meaningful progress."

CMS, APTA: OIG Report on Outpatient Physical Therapy Claims Contains Possible Flaws and Questionable Assumptions
CMS and APTA are questioning an OIG report on outpatient physical therapy claims under Medicare.

Lynda Woodruff, Leader in Physical Therapy Education, Dies at 70
Lynda Woodruff, PT, PhD, an educator and trailblazer in the physical therapy profession, died at her home on March 20. The APTA lifetime member was 70. Woodruff was a visiting professor at Alabama State University (ASU) and
Researchers Say Tai Chi Shows Promise Over Aerobic Exercise for Fibromyalgia
Could the mind-body aspects of tai chi make a difference?

The Crisis Continues: Opioids in the News, March 2018
Among the highlights: "Americans Take More Pain Pills - but not Because They're in More Pain"
One Call Care Management to Change Referral Practices as Result of Court Settlement
One Call began implementing the payment policy changes, which are specific to California, in February
2018 Candidate Information, Statements Posted
New resources include candidate statements and biographical information.
Study: More 'Collaboration and Consistency' Needed Between PTs and Surgeons in TKA, THA Measures
Researchers say it's going to become increasingly important for PTs and surgeons to pursue more "collaboration and consistency" when it comes to outcome measures for TKA and THA.

Study: Adding Dry Needling to Exercise for Shoulder Pain Could Reduce Broader Costs
The study is an expansion of earlier published results...which indicated that including trigger point was just as effective as exercise alone at reducing shoulder pain intensity, and better at improving pain-related disability.

APTA's New Mission Statement: A Healthier Society Through a Strong Community
APTA has a new mission, and it's all about bringing people together.

Move Forward Radio: Avoiding Muscle Atrophy When Injured
People who regularly work out or participate in sports may fear losing muscle mass or gaining weight during recovery from injury. It doesn't have to be that way.

The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in the Media, March 2018
"We really push physical therapy prior to surgery, as well as strengthening prior to chemotherapy. ... Physical therapy is quite important."

Study: Optimal Exercise Dose for Knee Disorders Still Unclear

Effect sizes varied widely because so many different outcome measures were used, even for the same conditions.


APTA Contributes to New 'Playbook' on Pain Management and Opioid Stewardship
Understanding the link between overreliance on opioids for pain management and the broader opioid crisis in the US isn't difficult identifying realistic steps to break that link is another matter. A high profile national partnership that includes APTA
Study: Falls Among US Adults 65 and Older Cost $50 Billion in 2015
Authors say that unless the US steps up its game, costs are certain to climb as the baby boomer generation continues to age.
JAMA Study: Opioids No Better Than Nonopioids in Improving Pain-Related Function, Intensity for Chronic Back Pain, Hip/Knee OA
Authors say there's no support for opioid therapy for some types of chronic pain.

Easier Said than Done: A Third of Patients Told to Lose Weight Have Functional Limitations That Could Make Exercise Difficult or Unsafe
Researchers see opportunities for PTs to make a difference.
From PT in Motion: PT 'Boomers' Offer Advice on Life in the Clinic and Beyond
Physical therapy, Roesch notes, "is hard physically, mentally, and emotionally, mainly because we get so involved."
Study: Opioids Don't Improve Quality of Life for Individuals With Chronic Noncancer Pain
For people with chronic noncancer pain, opioids probably aren't delivering on what many presume to be their primary function.
Washington Post: End of Therapy Cap a 'Long-Awaited Gift'
The therapy cap saga "reveals much about how health care financing often gets done—or undone—in Washington."
Humana Coverage Limitations: More of the Same
Not much has changed--but that isn't necessarily a good thing.

CMS to Study Administrative Burden of MIPS; PTs Can Participate
How burdensome is MIPS?
#PTTransforms Blog: Keeping the Patient at the Center of Pain Management
The #PTTransforms blog is back.
CDC Issues 'Call to Action' to Address Treatment Gaps for Children Experiencing TBI
"The management of TBI in children is complex and depends upon multiple service delivery systems that frequently do not provide systematic or coordinated care."

Pediatricians' Group Releases 'Choosing Wisely' List of Orthopedic Treatments to Question
Questions about the use of imaging, ultrasound, and orthotics.

APTA's Updated Defensible Documentation Resource Provides Insight, Practical Tips, and More
APTA's retooled webpage includes the latest on best practices in documentation.
2018 CSM Largest Ever; News and Videos Now Available
Don't miss out: daily news and videos are available online.
Payers Looking for More Coding Detail
The 59 modifier is a potential red flag for CMS and commercial payers.
Spending on Health Care Projected to Increase 5.5% Annually Through 2026
One-fifth of the GDP by 2026.
The Post-Therapy Cap System: 5 Basics You Need to Know
The budget deal didn't just remove a rule--it also launched a new system of payment thresholds and triggers.
Now Available: Recording of 'Insider Intel' Session on Therapy Cap, Home Health, More
Are you ready for what's coming?
CMS Offers Settlement Option for Providers With Denial Appeals in Limbo
CMS is offering some providers a chance to settle backlogged claims denial appeals at 62% of net allowed amounts.
Home Health Faces Challenges in Wake of Budget Deal
What does the federal budget deal mean for home health?

The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in the Media, February 2018
"I still wasn’t whole." 
CMS Issues Coding, Other Details on Supervised Exercise Therapy for Peripheral Artery Disease
February 13, 2018: The US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has released details on how it will process claims made as a result of its decision to cover supervised exercise therapy (SET) in the treatment of peripheral artery disease (PAD).
New APTA Podcast Series Explores Big Picture and Details of Value-Based Care
February 12, 2018: Everyone's talking about "value-based care," but what does the concept really mean, and how will it affect your practice? That's the subject of a new 21-part podcast series now available for download from APTA.

A Permanent Fix to the Therapy Cap: Improved Access for Medicare Patients Comes With Pending APTA-Opposed Cut to PTA Payment
Ending the hard cap has been a high priority for APTA.
Now's Your Chance to Step up to APTA Committee Service
Ready to take a lead in shaping the future of APTA?
PT, PTA Education Leadership Institute Accepting Applications for a Program That Inspires, Empowers, and Connects
Being a director for a PT or PTA education program can seem as lonely as it is overwhelming—but it doesn't have to be that way.
From PT Pintcast: Now's the Time to Embrace Outcomes Registries
Association-run registries also serve another important function: helping providers get a handle on the seemingly inevitable move toward value-based health care.
Making Transformation Possible: Panelists at APTA Event Explore Paths Toward Rethinking Pain Management
"The truth is, most people don't feel really great on opioids."

'Choose More Movement and Better Health': APTA Releases New #ChoosePT Video

 "Choose more movement and better health. Choose physical therapy."

APTA Learning Center Offerings Will be Included in aPTitude CE Resource
In the coming months, APTA will add its complete catalog of Learning Center courses to aPTitude.
BuzzFeed Features Physical Therapy 'Success Stories'

  "I owe [my physical therapist] my mobility and my life without pain."

With Deadline Looming, APTA Members, Patients, Multiple Organizations Press on for Therapy Cap Repeal
Here's a quick rundown of what APTA and others have been doing to call attention to therapy cap repeal.

From PT in Motion: PTs Should Cultivate Their Knowledge of Medical Marijuana
Because it is often used to treat pain symptoms...marijuana is "very relevant" for a PT.

In Wake of Nassar Conviction, PT Points to Need for Patient Education on Legitimate Pelvic Physical Therapy
"For women with pelvic floor disorders, it is difficult enough to battle the stigma, shame and guilt often associated with these conditions."
APTA-Hosted Panel Discussion on Opioid Epidemic and Pain to Be Broadcast Live Via Facebook

"Beyond Opioids: Transforming Pain Management to Improve Health," will be streamed live via APTA's Facebook page on February 5 beginning at 8:00 pm ET.

Mid-Atlantic, Pacific States and Territories Will be First to See New Medicare Cards
Beneficiaries in 9 states, DC, and 3 US territories will be the first to receive the new cards, which won't rely on SSNs.
CDC: Most Middle and High School Students Don't Get Enough Sleep

Among high school students, 72.7% reported insufficient sleep, with about 20% reporting sleeping fewer than 6 hours a night.  

APTA Issues a 'Call to Action' for Patient Videos on Therapy Cap
Lights, camera, advocacy!
Study: Concussions Aren't the Link to CTE
The populations at risk for CTE may be larger than first suspected.

New Data on Musculoskeletal Disease Highlight its Position as Major Contributor to Health Care Costs
More than half of all adults in the US now report a chronic musculoskeletal condition—a rate that outpaces  respiratory conditions and circulatory condition.
Government Reopens Under Short-Term Deal That Leaves Medicare Patients in Limbo
"The time has come for resolution of this unacceptable situation."
Study Contradicts Popular 'Text Neck' Theory
Is there a connection between "text neck" and neck pain? Researchers from Brazil don't think so.

Major Health Industry Groups Look to Streamline Prior Authorization

While prior insurance authorization may be right up there with death and taxes when it comes to life's certainties, 6 major health industry groups believe the process could be much improved.


Study: To Avoid LBP, Runners Should Think Deep
“The deep erector spinae required the largest compensations when weakened individually.”
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, January 2018
The brave, the creative, the dedicated - all in this month's "Good Stuff."
Film Star Kathy Bates Helps to Spread the Word on Lymphedema Management in APTA Oncology Section's Journal
"We need awareness. …Please help me spread the word."
Ohio Workers' Comp Program Requires Nonsurgical, Nonopioid Treatment of LBP as a First Step
The state now requires that all workers with work-related back injuries undergo at least 60 days of nonsurgical care, including physical therapy,  before pursuing other treatments.
APTA Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry Again Receives CMS Designation for MIPS Reporting
The value of the Registry goes well beyond MIPS data submission.
From PTJ: Office Work Doesn't Have To Be a Pain in the Neck
Could exercises in the workplace reduce office workers' neck pain?
Survey: HIIT Tops the List of Fitness Trends for 2018
What's the future of fitness?
CDC: 40% of Patients With Arthritis Don't Receive Exercise Counseling From Providers
"The prevalence of [exercise] counseling remains low for a self-managed behavior with proven benefits and few risks, especially among those who are inactive."
The Hard Therapy Cap Is Here: Answers to Some Common Questions
Questions and answers about the no-exceptions therapy cap now in place.
Most-Read Student Pulse Blog Posts of 2017 Point to a Bright Future for the Profession
APTA's Student Assembly Pulse blog series is worth checking out.
Get the Latest on the Future of Payment—And the Now of Home Health

Are you ready for the future of payment—both near-term and down the road? APTA is ready to help you stay up to speed.


Study: Referral to Physical Therapy for LBP Reduces Odds of Later Opioid Prescription—Even When Patients Don't Follow Up on the Referral
"Recommending physical therapy provides reassurance to patients that their LBP is best managed with physical activity and is in line with advice to stay active."
2017's Top Stories From PT in Motion News
The most-read PT in Motion News stories from 2017.

Do-Over: Check Out PT in Motion Magazine's Most-Read Articles From 2017
While PT in Motion gears up for 2018, why not catch up on what you may have missed from last year?
Humana Lifts Prior Authorization Requirements for Physical Therapist Services
"This is great news for patients and PTs, but this change also presents a bigger opportunity."
From PTJ: New Health Promotion Model May Equip PTs to Address Wellness and Prevention
When it comes to prevention and wellness, these researchers believe a new clinical model could help bridge the gap between knowing and doing.
Foundation Awards Research Grants, Kendall Scholarships
The Foundation has announced its latest round of scholarship and grant recipients.
Inaction by Congress Triggers No-Exceptions Therapy Cap in 2018
"Congress’ inaction creates the worst-case scenario for patients and providers," said APTA President Sharon Dunn, PT, PhD.
APTA Urges CMS to Consider Ripple Effects of Medicare Advantage Changes for 2019
"Iin addition to making changes that improve that access, CMS needs to make sure it maintains the gains we've already made." 

Study: High-Intensity Exercise Shows Promise for Patients With PD
High intensity exercise for patients with PD shows promise, say researchers.
PTJ: Research on Computer Gaming's Effectiveness in Physical Therapy Needs to Level Up
Active computer gaming had a "significant moderate effect" on cognition and balance, but but didn't improve functional mobility reduce fear of falling.
Government Affairs and Public Service Awards Nominations Due January 12, 2018
Do you know of an APTA member who in 2017 has gone above and beyond to advocate on behalf of the physical therapy profession at the federal level? Is there a member of Congress, staffer, or public figure who has championed physical therapy causes this year?
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, December 2017
APTA members talk squatting, HIIT, making it onto the New England Patriots cheerleading squad, and more.
Analysis: The 'Big 5' Insurers Are Increasingly Dependent on Medicare and Medicaid for Revenue
The degree to which the "big 5" private health insurers depend on Medicare and Medicaid for their revenues may surprise you.
President Signs Law Allowing PTAs in TRICARE; Implementation May Not Be Immediate
One thing that's certain: the change won't take effect immediately.
APTA Board Recommends Further Exploration of Education Reform Through Education Leadership Partnership
APTA's Board is looking to the Education Leadership Partnership to explore the future of clinical education.
Move Forward Radio: Former NBA All-Star Grant Hill Discusses Pain Management and Alternatives to Opioids
“Listen to your body. This is your body. This is your health. You don’t have to rely on opioids to deal with pain.”
APTA Fellowship Opportunities Focus on Education Research


APTA has opened its search to fill a fellowship position that will help to define the body of knowledge that drives physical therapist education.


Study: Even Small Amounts of PA Can Reduce CVD Risk Among the Elderly
"Even modest engagement in PA may be associated with a substantially lower CVD risk in the elderly."
New Webpage Maps APTA's Coalition Connections
APTA extends the "better together" idea far beyond its own members and components. And now you need look no further than a new APTA webpage for proof.
Study: Physical Therapy May Be Underused Among Patients With OA
While 70%–82% of participants in 3 clinical trials had used oral analgesics to treat OA symptoms, only 39%–52% had used physical therapy.
2018 Slate of Candidates Posted
The 2018 Slate of Candidates for APTA national office is now posted on the APTA website
Final CMS Bundling Rule Reduces Number of Mandated Participants, Expands Possibilities for PTs
CMS is backing off on its knee and hip replacement bundled care model--while opening up possibilities for some PTs.
From PT in Motion: Walking Away From the PT Designation
Do you stop being a PT when you drop the "PT" designation after your name?

Study: 61% of Opioid-Related Deaths Linked to Chronic Pain Diagnosis
61% of opioid-related deaths can be linked to a diagnosis of chronic pain within the preceding year.
CNN Money Looks at Challenges Faced by PTs, Other Providers, Whose Jobs Require Touch in the Workplace
From CNN: No touching the workplace. But what if your job requires it?

'Hollywood' High Tech May See Wide Release in Physical Therapy, but PTs Will Remain Feature Attraction
Tech site CNET is making the case that technologies such as motion-capture interfaces may be the next big thing in physical therapy.
Older Black Americans More Likely to Have Low Physical Function, Less Likely to Receive Rehab Than Older White Americans
Older white patients were found to be 1.38 times more likely than older black patients to receive any type of rehab services.
APTA Fact Sheets on 2018 Outpatient Payment, Home Health Now Available
Now available to APTA members: context and details to help you understand final 2018 rules from CMS on the home health and outpatient prospective payment systems.
4 Things to Do Now That the 2018 Fee Schedule Is Out
What should PTs do in the wake of the new PFS? Here are APTA's top 4 suggestions.
Innovation 2.0 Learning Lab to Focus on PTs as Key Players in PCMHs to Address Childhood Obesity
The fourth and final Innvoation 2.0 Learning Lab will focus on managing childhood obesity in the patient-centered medical home.
The 2018 Physician Fee Schedule: Where We Are, How We Got Here, What's Ahead
The fee schedule: where we are, how we got here, what happens next.
Bill Allowing PTAs in TRICARE Ready for President's Signature
Well, that was quick. The bill that would include PTAs in TRICARE is ready to be signed into law.
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, November 2017
Come and get the Good Stuff.
Choosing Wisely at 5: Is It Making a Difference (And What About the Next 5 Years)?
Has the Choosing Wisely campaign resulted in a significant change to the use of low-value tests and treatments?
Review: Sport Specialization at an Early Age Can Increase Injury Risk
Parents and coaches: be wary of encouraging children to specialize in 1 sport at a young age.
Defense Bill Headed for Final Votes Will Include PTAs in TRICARE
The Armed Services Committees for both the US House and Senate reached an agreement on a National Defense Authorization Act  that includes language proposed by APTA to add PTAs and occupational therapy assistants to the TRICARE program.
Study: Direct Access to Physical Therapy Safe, Effective, and Cheaper Than Referral-Based Care
“When patients chose to see a physical therapist first, there were no identified incidents of missed diagnosis or delays in care as a result of physical therapists’ clinical decision making,"
Required Rehabilitation Benefits Under Threat: Time to Make PT Voices Heard
HHS has proposed changes that will hurt essential health benefits, including rehabilitation. It's time to act.
Study: For Individuals With Knee OA, 3 Tests Can Predict Ability to Walk 6k Steps a Day


In a study of 1,925 participants with or at risk for knee OA, researchers sought to link performance on 3 tests to walking patterns outside the clinic.

Washington Post: Female PTs Will Spend Last 4 Weeks of 2017 Working 'For Free'
Guess what the majority of PTs will be doing beginning December 2?
Move Forward Radio: Pain Does Not Discriminate, Even in Hollywood
Karen Joubert, PT, DPT, says her services provide a “back-to-basics” approach for all of her clients, celebrities and noncelebrities alike.
From PT in Motion: The Power and Potential of Clinical Registries
"When you pay attention to the data…it helps improve your treatment and your documentation."
Mary Edmonds, Founding Director of Cleveland PT Program, Dies at 85
Mary Louise McKinney Edmonds, PT, PhD, FAPTA, well respected for her personal strength, her love of study, and her commitment to physical therapy and minority affairs, has died at age 85
Final Fee Schedule Rule a Mixed Bag; Outpatient Rule More Positive
While some practice expense RVUs may drop, the final rule includes no cuts to the work RVUs and actually increases values for a few.
CMS Drops Home Health Payment Plan Opposed by APTA
"It appears our efforts--along with those of many others in the home health industry--were compelling."

HHS Unveils Proposal Allowing States to Change Details of Essential Health Benefits


CMS wants to change the ways the Affordable Care Act's state insurance exchanges set up their coverage requirements--and not in a good way.

From PTJ: PTs, PTAs, Students Report High Rates of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior by Patients
Survey: 84% of PTs, PTAs, and students reported some form of inappropriate patient sexual behavior at some point during their careers or training.
Just Taking a Walk Can Extend Your Life, Say Researchers
Few studies have explored the potential association between walking and mortality rates in the aging adult population
Therapy Cap Breakthrough? Legislators Reach Bipartisan Agreement on Repeal
Could the end of the therapy cap be near?
US Receives Failing Grades on Walking and Walkability
The country's report card on walking and walkability isn't honor roll material.
APTA Expands Efforts to Address the Opioid Crisis
APTA has been bringing the physical therapy profession’s voice and perspective to the national dialogue on how best to reshape the health care system’s approach to pain treatment and management.
Researchers Find No Evidence for Popular Treatment for UI, POP
“This particular treatment currently illustrates the phenomenon that not all recommended treatments are evidence based.”
APTA Report: Use of Direct Access Among PTs Is Widespread, but Barriers Need to Be Addressed
Just how much of a reality is direct access?
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, October 2017
There's some Good Stuff going on with APTA members and the profession.
Foundation Funding Opportunities Available for 2018
The Foundation is now accepting applications for 2 major funding programs.
Study: CMS Should Pay Closer Attention to Chronic Wounds
CMS needs to pay more attention to the cost of chronic nonhealing wounds, according to a new study.
CMS Sets Dec 1 Deadline for PQRS Appeals
Appeal 2018 PQRS payment reduction notices by December 1.
APTA Part of the Effort to Save Rural Hospitals
Preserving rural hospitals
New 'Rehab Therapists Give Back' Effort Helps Channel Donations to Hurricane Victims in Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico
Rehab Therapists Give Back
State-Level PT Advocates Honored at Policy and Payment Forum
These state legislative leaders know how to get things done for the profession.
APTA to Submit Feedback on USPSTF Draft Falls Prevention Recommendations
Draft recommendations for falls prevention have been released by the USPSTF, which is also seeking comments on the draft.
Rates of Cancer Associated With Overweight and Obesity Register Significant Increases from 2005 to 2015, Says CDC
America's obesity problem is also a cancer problem.
From PT in Motion: Going 'Fixer Upper' on Your Clinic
From PT in Motion magazine: PTs explore space.
Making the Profession's Voice Heard on Home Health: Multifaceted Advocacy Efforts Deliver Strong Message to CMS
CMS got an earful from APTA, the Home Health Section, and members on a flawed proposal for home health.
CMS Shelves Controversial Orthotics and Prosthetics Proposal
CMS is backing off an orthotics and prosthetics proposal that would've affected thousands of PTs.
VA Wants to Move Telehealth Beyond State Borders and Into Vets' Homes
The VA is ready to cross state lines when it comes to telehealth.
JAMA: Equipment Ownership, Prior Imaging Behavior Predict High Rates of Low-Value Imaging for LBP, Headache
From JAMA: Equipment ownership is a "consistent independent predictor" of the use of imaging when it's not necessary.
Problems With Humana Claims? Let APTA Know
Having problems with Humana claims? APTA wants to know.
AGs From 37 States Call for Better Insurance Coverage for Nonopioid Pain Treatment
37 state AGs are urging insurance companies to do more to support non-opioid pain treatments.
APTA: CMS Proposal for Home Health Creates 'Perverse Financial Incentives' to Reduce Care
September 26, 2017: APTA tells CMS its proposed home health payment system will do more harm than good.
APTA Board, Nominating Committee Recommendations Must Be In by November 1
September 25, 2017: Help APTA find its next leaders.
APTA Opposes Graham-Cassidy Due to Patient Impact

September 22, 2017: The specifics of the US Senate's latest attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could evolve before any vote, but the basic outline of the "Graham-Cassidy" (or "Cassidy-Graham") legislation raises enough concern that APTA opposed the bill this week.

US Senate Makes Statement With Language to Bring PTAs Into TRICARE
September 21, 2017: APTA's efforts for revision of the TRICARE payment system to include services by physical therapist assistants (PTAs) got a big push on September 18 when the Senate passed its version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).
Analysis: Exercise, Psychological Treatment Outperforms Drug-Based Approaches for Cancer-Related Fatigue
September 21, 2017: Authors of a new meta-analysis say there's little doubt that exercise and psychological interventions, used alone or in combination, are superior to pharmacological approaches in the treatment of cancer-related fatigue (CRF).
Microchips That Reprogram Cells, 'Superglam' Physical Therapy, and Powow Sweat: Highlights From 'Making the Rounds'
September 20, 2017: This year, PT in Motion News added a new section to the weekly news blast to members—"Making the Rounds," a collection of interesting reads for the profession from across the Internet.
PT, PTA Students Use 'Flash Action' Against the Therapy Cap
September 20, 2017: A physical therapist (PT) and physical therapist assistant (PTA) student-led "flash action strategy" (FAS) held last week was all about stopping the Medicare therapy cap.
Funding Opportunity for Chapters, Practices to Encourage Activity for People With Arthritis
September 19, 2017: APTA chapters and individual physical therapy practices have a new incentive to start or enhance programs that encourage people with arthritis to be more active—but time is short to take advantage of it.
7 Cool Things That Happened at APTA Over the Summer (And 1 Cool Thing for the Foundation)
September 19, 2017: 7 Cool Things That Happened at APTA Over the Summer (And 1 Cool Thing for the Foundation)
5 Examples of Why You Should be Reading the APTA Student Pulse Blog
September 18, 2017: Given that physical therapy students represent a significant portion of APTA membership, you can't really call the APTA Student Assembly's "Pulse" blog a "best-kept secret" or "hidden gem." Still, because the blog series is targeted at students, it can be easy for practicing physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) to overlook.
8 APTA Collections That Could Make You a Better Therapist

September 15, 2017: The APTA website is home to some fascinating archives devoted to a variety of topics. Some put you in touch with the thought leaders of the physical therapy profession; others help you keep up with the latest research; still others help to remind you why you chose the physical therapy profession.

The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, September 2017
September 13, 2017: "The Good Stuff," is an occasional series that highlights recent, mostly local media coverage of physical therapy and APTA members, with an emphasis on good news and stories of how individual physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) are transforming health care and society every day. Enjoy!
Ready for Falls Prevention Awareness Day? PTNow Can Help
September 12, 2017: Falls Prevention Awareness Day is coming September 22, making now a great time to check out falls-related resources on APTA's recently expanded PTNow evidence-based practice center.
PTJ: Preterm Infants Less Able to Explore, May Lead to Delays

September 11, 2017: Infants born preterm may be less able to perform certain motor and exploratory behaviors, which could lead to future cognitive and developmental delays, suggests a study in the September issue of PTJ.

PTNow Expands Resources, Offers New Search Experience

September 8, 2017: If you haven't checked out PTNow lately, you haven't checked out PTNow.

Comments on Home Health Due to CMS by September 25; HH Webinar Recording Now Available
September 8, 2017: Home Health could be changing. Make your voice heard (and check out a recorded webinar).
The View From Capitol Hill: 5 Things for PTs and PTAs to Watch for in This Session of Congress
September 6, 2017: 5 things you should be tracking on Capitol Hill.
Turn It Off: Study Finds TV-Watching Linked to Higher Risk of Later Mobility Disability in Older Adults
September 6, 2017: New research suggests time spent watching TV is a particularly risky sedentary behavior.
From PT in Motion magazine: PTs and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
September 6, 2017: PT in Motion magazine looks at CFS and the PT.
IOC Recommends 'Multi-Faceted' Approach to Pain Management in Elite Athletes
September 5, 2017: The IOC's consensus statement on pain treatment stresses multidisciplinary approaches.
APTA Awards Now Open for Nominations, Including New Awards for Humanitarian, Societal Impact Efforts
September 1, 2017: Members of the physical therapy profession do amazing things for people every day--and not just inside the walls of a clinic.
NIH Exoskeleton Shows Promise in Treating Crouch Gait in Children With CP
August 30, 2017: It's an exoskeleton with a big difference.
Still Time to Enter the APTA–Private Practice Section Video Contest
August 29, 2017: Lights, camera, physical therapy!
CDC: Rates of Cardiac Rehab Use Among Heart Attack Survivors 'Suboptimal'
August 28, 2017: Cardiac rehab works - but not enough people are receiving it, according to the CDC.
CMS Publishes More Clarification on Jimmo Settlement and 'Improvement Standard' Myth
August 25, 2017: CMS blows up the "improvement standard" myth.
APTA Provides Comments to CMS, House Subcommittee on Wide Range of Payment and Care Topics
August 25, 2017: More proposed rules, more comments from APTA providing the profession's perspective.
Registry to Collect Torticollis Data Through Collaboration With Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy
August 23, 2017: The Registry is upping its game in collaboration with the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy.
APTA Resource Makes it Easy to Deliver Personalized Comments On Proposed Home Health Rule
August 22, 2017: CMS could be changing its home health payment system in big ways starting in 2019. Your comments are needed.
APTA, Women's Section Help Clear Up Misinformation in NPR 'Mummy Tummy' Report
August 21, 2017: If the idea of a single, daily, 10-minute exercise being the solution to diastasis recti seems too good to be true, that's because it probably is.
CMS MAC Claims Review Process Will Move to More Targeted System
August 21, 2017: CMS wants to move to a "targeted review" process for claims.
2017 ELI Fellows Graduate From APTA Education Leadership Institute
August 18, 2017: Welcome the newest class of Educational Leadership Institute graduates.
What's the Latest at CMS? Your Guide to Recent Proposed and Final CMS Rules
August 16, 2017: What's up at CMS?
CMS Wants to Scale Back CJR Bundling Program for TKA, THA; Proposes Cancelling Bundle Program for Cardiac Care, Eliminating Expansion of CJR to Hip, Femur Fractures
August 16, 2017: CMS is backing down on bundling.
The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, August 2017
August 16, 2017: APTA members and the profession in the news.
Study: Prevalence of Knee OA Today Twice What It Was 75 Years Ago
We weren't built for today's less physically active lifestyles. And our knees show it.
Technological Possibilities, Practical Challenges: Report Looks at Assistive Technologies in the Workplace
August 14, 2017: Assistive technologies to help individuals in the workplace are developing at a rapid rate, but if the promise of these technologies is to be fully realized then thinking around access, user training, reimbursement, and other barriers needs to catch up.
Population Health Resources Help PTs, PTAs Make the Case for Employer-Sponsored Programs

Increasingly, employers are warming to an idea already familiar to many PTs and PTAs.

APTA Formalizes Partnerships with Special Olympics, Move Together, AAOMPT

August 10, 2017: APTA Formalizes Partnerships with Special Olympics, Move Together, AAOMPT

You Down With QPP? Watch and See (And Take the Quiz)

You down with OPP?

Shaping the Future of PT Clinical Education: Your Perspective Needed

Your input is needed on the future of PT clinical education.

From PTJ: PTs Should Wake Up to Their Role in Promoting Sleep Health

The old "you snooze, you lose" adage couldn't be further from the truth.

APTA Reaches 100K Member Milestone

It's official: APTA is now 100,000 members strong.

Opioid Crisis in the News: More than 1 in 3 Americans Prescribed Opioids in 2015
The country's opioid crisis is deeply rooted, and its effects are wide-ranging.
Final Inpatient Payment Rule Increases ACH Payments by $2.4 Billion, Cuts LTCH Payments by $110 million

Final CMS hospital payment rule: some good news for ACHs, some bad news for LTCHs.

'Choosing Wisely' App Now Available

Now it's easier than ever for consumers to make well-informed health care choices—including choices about physical therapist interventions.

Final IRF, SNF Rules for 2018 Vary Little From Proposed Rules Calling for 1% Increases, Quality Reporting Changes
<p align="center"><img src="" class="img-responsive" /></p>
<p>SNFs and IRFs will receive a 1% payment increase in 2018, along with changed quality reporting measures.</p>
From PT in Motion Magazine: The PT as Inventor

Physical therapy is the mother of invention.

Older, Sicker, and Stressed: Survey Analysis Looks at Individuals With Chronic Pain

The portrait that emerged was of a chronic pain population that is older, under more financial stress, and more likely to live with 1 or more comorbidities compared with the average respondent.

CMS Issues Corrections on 2017 Participation Requirement Rule for LTC Facilities

It's not exactly a total do-over, but CMS has issued a fairly lengthy set of changes to a 2017 LTC facility rule.

Letter Helps PTs Send Unified Message to CMS on 2018 Fee Schedule, More Broad Medicare Changes

An opportunity to comment on the 2018 fee schedule and Medicare as a whole.

From Move Forward Radio: Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Dances to the Beat of a 'New Normal'

After losing her lower leg in the Boston Marathon bombing, former professional ballroom dancer Adrianne Haslet feared she would never step out on the floor again.

Recommendations for APTA Board, Nominating Committee Due by November 1
APTA's transformational vision requires exceptional leadership. Anyone come to mind? How about you?
'Insider Intel' Covers Fee Schedule, SNFs, Outpatient Payment, More
There's a host of actions from the CMS that PTs need to know about. Are you up on all the changes?
Study Says Cost Savings of Physical Therapy for LBP Are Significant
When it comes to physical therapy for treatment of low back pain (LBP), Medicare is getting a bargain, according to authors of a new study.
Proposed Home Health Rule Includes $80 Million Reduction in 2018, Potential $950 Million Reduction and Move to 30-Day Episodes in 2019
CMS will reduce payments to HHAs by $80 next year under a proposed rule. And big changes could be in store for 2019.
Study: Chemical 'Marker' Sheds Light on Cognitive Benefits of Aerobic Exercise Among Older Adults
A chemical clue about how aerobic activity helps preserve cognitive health.
#ChoosePT Receives Commendation from KY House
*PT in Motion News


APTA's #ChoosePT opioid awareness campaign once again has been recognized—this time by the Kentucky House of Representatives.

APTA CEO Moore Testifies to Congress on Repeal of the Therapy Cap
APTA's Justin Moore tells Congress the therapy cap is an "arbitrary barrier" to care.

The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in Local News, July 2017
Jennifer Aniston's PT and more in this month's "Good Stuff"

Survey Reveals Differences in Readiness for Payment Reform Among Large Health Care Organizations

The march toward value-based payment models may be on, but that doesn't mean everyone's moving in lockstep—or even moving at all.


New National Academies Report on Pain Management and Opioids Recommends More Public Education, Reimbursement Models Supporting Nondrug Approaches to Pain Treatment
July 18, 2017: A National Academies report on pain treatment says more needs to be done to support nonpharmacological approaches.
Proposed Medicare Fee Schedule Maintains—and Sometimes Increases—Payment for Codes Related to Physical Therapy
2018 fee schedule proposal: no cuts. And even a few increases.
Proposed Medicare Outpatient Payment Rule Allows Payment for TKA in Outpatient Settings, Increases Overall Payment by 2%
CMS wants to allow payment for outpatient TKA.
New Version of Senate Health Care Bill Remains Problematic for APTA
APTA position is that the newest version of the Senate's bill to repeal and replace the ACA contains many of the same problems as the earlier version.
Payment Cuts Avoided in Proposed 2018 Physician Fee Schedule
The proposed 2018 Medicare physician fee schedule released today by CMS includes some positive news for PTs.
Photos From NEXT 2017 Now Available
Hundreds of high-quality professional photos from the 2017 NEXT Conference and Exposition are now available online.
The Good With the Bad: Reports Show a Drop in Opioid Prescriptions and Dosage Strength, Rise in Prescription Duration and Opioid Hospitalizations
CDC Acting Director: The 2015 per capita prescription opioid rates are enough for "every American [to] be medicated around the clock for 3 weeks."
From PTJ: For Patients With Nontraumatic Knee Pain, Early Rehabilitation Lowers Odds of Later Use of Opioids, Injections, Knee Surgery
From PTJ: When it comes to rehabilitation of individuals with nontraumatic knee pain, it really is a case of "the sooner the better."
New HHA Medicare, Medicaid Participation Requirements Won't Launch Until January 2018
It's now final: CMS has suspended startup of revised conditions of participation for home health agencies until January 13, 2018.
NYT Article Questions Arthroscopic Surgery, Acid Injections for Knee Pain

Writer Jane Brody engaged in a lot of what she describes as "wishful thinking" about how best to treat her knee pain

From PT in Motion Magazine: Discovering a Second Career as a PTA

When it comes to pursuing a career as a PTA, it's never too late.


APTA Comments on SNFs, IRFs, and Inpatient Payment – And on Medicare as a Whole
APTA lets CMS know where there's room for improvement.
2017 NEXT: Revisit a Great Conference (or See Why You Should Attend in 2018)
NEXT News, videos, pics, and more now available.
Physical Literacy Decline in Children Leads to Adverse Effects in Adults


Physical literacy is as important as literacy in language, music, and mathematics.

Oxford Debate: Specialist vs Generalist Education; Ciccone Declares Results to be the “Closest Ever”
The motion being debated was: “Be it resolved that physical therapist and physical therapist assistant students will demonstrate expertise in a specific focused area of practice immediately upon graduation.”
From NEXT: PTs, PTAs, Must Take on the Challenges of Noncommunicable Disease
Saying that PTs and PTAs have a role in addressing noncommunicable disease is not the same as living out that role.
News From NEXT: Now Is the Time for PTs in Primary Care
Physical therapists (PTs) "are in the perfect position to be involved in primary care," according to John Heick, PT, DPT, PhD.
Senate Recesses Without Health Care Vote: Keep These 3 Things in Mind
With the next opportunity for a Senate vote on health care reform at least a week away, here are few things to keep in mind during the recess.
PTAs Included in TRICARE? House Committee Takes First Steps
Congress is taking the first steps toward including PTAs in TRICARE.
On With the Shoe, Say APTA Volunteers in Boston
When it comes to the transformational power of the physical therapy profession, sometimes you can measure success in feet—specifically, kids' feet
Oncology Section Introduces New Guideline on Diagnosis of Upper Quadrant Lymphedema in Patients With Cancer
APTA's Oncology Section has published a new CPT on upper quadrant lymphedema.
Coalitions Bring Rehab Message, Powerful Stories to Capitol Hill
Timing's everything. Capitol Hill gets a rehab message as the health care debate looms.
CMS Backs Down on Change That Threatened Payment Levels for Complex Wheelchairs, Accessories
CMS backs off on a plan that would have likely decreased payments for complex rehab technology, such as specialized wheelchairs.
News at NEXT: Variation in Care Is the Profession's Greatest Challenge, Maley Lecturer Says

June 26, 2017: Physical therapy cannot move forward as a profession until those who practice it resolve the issue of unwarranted variation in practice. Tara Jo Manal, PT, DPT, FAPTA, in her delivery of the 22nd John H. P. Maley Lecture, was unequivocal in sending this message to the profession. "The greatest challenge to the value of physical therapy is unwarranted variation—situations in which wide variation of care is not explained by the type or severity of the condition or by patient preferences," she said to a capacity audience on June 23 as part of APTA's NEXT Conference and Exposition.

News at NEXT: Sparking an 'Industrial Revolution' in Primary Care
Sure, physical therapists (PTs) can explain the important role they could play in primary care. But is anyone listening? And what will it take to get physicians, facilities, and payers to take notice and act? From there,
News at NEXT: Foundation Receives Single $3 Million Donation, Largest Ever

June 26, 2017: The Foundation for Physical Therapy (Foundation) recently received the largest single donation in its 38-year history—a $3 million gift that will be used to create an endowment for clinical research funding.

2018 McMillan, Maley Lecturers Announced

June 23, 2017: APTA honored recipients of its 2017 awards program on June 22, and set the stage for next year by announcing the 2018 Mary McMillan and John H. P. Maley lecturers.

News at NEXT: 2016-2017 VCU-Marquette Challenge Raises Over $340,000 for the Foundation

June 23, 2017: Students from across the country were recognized June 22 during the Foundation for Physical Therapy's (Foundation) first annual PT Party, formerly known as the Foundation's Annual Gala, for their participation in the 2016-2017 VCU-Marquette Challenge—which for 2017-2018 will be called the Mercer-Marquette Challenge.

News at NEXT: Foundation Service Awardees Recognized at NEXT

June 23, 2017: Friends and donors of the Foundation for Physical Therapy (Foundation) recognized the achievements of several people and groups at the Foundation's inaugural awards luncheon on June 22. The event honored annual service award recipients and celebrated the efforts of students in the 2016-2017 VCU-Marquette Challenge.

News From NEXT: Physical Therapy and Movement Are Key to Slowing the Aging Process, Contends McMillan Lecturer

June 23, 2017: Physical therapy may not be a souped up DeLorean, a table top machine, or a twistable pendant that takes its users backward in time, but unlike the fictional Doc Brown, Time Traveler, or Hermione Granger, physical therapists can use real...

Senate Health Care Reform Bill Contains Provisions Opposed by APTA

June 22, 2017: Despite some changes designed to appeal to a wider range of US senators, the newly released Senate version of health care reform still contains provisions that concern APTA: namely, a loosening of required "essential health benefits" (EHBs) that include rehabilitation services, and changes to Medicaid that could reduce the range of available benefits. Changes are still possible, however, and APTA has plans to reemphasize its positions as the Senate considers the bill.

From the 2017 House of Delegates: Setting a Course for the Profession's Future
As far as APTA's House of Delegates (House) is concerned, the future is now. During her address to the 2017 House that opened the 3 day meeting held June 19 21, APTA President Sharon Dunn, PT, PhD,
#ChoosePT Named 1 of the Country's Top Public Awareness Campaigns

June 22, 2017: As APTA's #ChoosePT national opioid awareness campaign continues to gain momentum, it's also gaining recognition, most recently by earning a highly prestigious "Power of A" gold award from the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).

CMS Proposes 2018 Quality Payment Program Rule: Here's What PTs Need to Know

June 22, 2017: The US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) may have slowed down the pace at which it is implementing the move toward quality-based payment, but that doesn't mean physical therapists (PTs) should be taking a business-as-usual attitude.

From the APTA House of Delegates: Richard Nichols Named Honorary APTA Member

June 21, 2017: T. Richard Nichols, PhD, became an honorary member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) today by a unanimous vote of the APTA House of Delegates.

New at PTJ: Open-Access 'Best of the Best' Collection Focuses on LBP and Neck Pain

June 20, 2017: As far as APTA's science journal Physical Therapy (PTJ) is concerned, "greatest hits" collections aren't just for musicians—and it's proving that point by issuing a special collection of PTJ articles on low back pain (LBP) and neck pain, all free to the public.

Bill in House Aims to Hold Feds to Special Education Funding Obligations

June 20, 2017: Think that the US government should live up to its promises when it comes to funding educational needs of students with disabilities? So does a bipartisan group of legislators who have introduced a bill that would obligate the government to pay what it promised to pay according to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). APTA is among the many organizations supporting the legislation.

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